Mysterious object off Westerly beach continues to puzzle everyone

A strange object that was found underwater off the shore of East Beach in Westerly has everyone wondering what it is. (Photo courtesy of Peter Brockmann)

What lies beneath?

A strange object that was found underwater off the shore of East Beach in Westerly has everyone wondering what it is.

The mystery has been puzzling beachgoers and officials alike -- and now there's a plan to get it out.

"We took a closer look at it and we realized this thing doesn't belong here and we wanted to figure out what it was,” Peter Brockmann, who is the president of the East Beach Association, told NBC 10 News.

The object, which is sitting on the ocean floor, is too heavy to move.

In hopes of identifying it, Brockmann showed pictures of the object to the Navy, area fishermen, a local wind farm, and University of Rhode Island oceanographers.

No one was able to pinpoint what exactly it is.

Marshall Ruben of Westerly was so intrigued that he tried to pull it up.

"Oh, I couldn't even begin to budge it. Not even a little bit,” Ruben said. “And you can't tell how deep it goes, either."

So, the beach association is calling on some heavy machinery from Rocky's Tree Service to come in on Tuesday evening.

"We have about a five-ton winch,” Rocky Harkness, who owns Rocky's Tree Service. “We're hoping that we wrap it up and it comes out easy."

His son, Ronnie, shared similar sentiments, adding that the object is a bit different than the typical calls they get.

“We don't normally do a lot of it, but every now and then we have to pull driftwood up that usually floats up from the water,” he said.

Typically, the attention in the area is focused on Taylor Swift's oceanfront mansion.

But now, a four-foot wide metal object below the surface of the sea is drawing a crowd.

"It's a man-made object,” Brockmann said. “It looks to be stainless steel and some parts look like they're encased in concrete."

Another beachgoer weighed in.

“It's got eight or nine legs coming down,” he said. “It's got a ring that's buried in the sand. It's part of a dome of something."

No one knows how deep it's buried or how it got there, but answers may be coming soon.

"Hopefully, on Tuesday night, we come in, we wrap chains around it and we're praying that it comes right out,” Ronnie said.

Adding to the mystery, swimmers pulled a piece of purple fabric off whatever it is that lies beneath.

What's its purpose? Why is it there? We'll have to wait and see.