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DNA testing shows Tom Hanks and Mister Rogers are 6th cousins

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (WSET) -- Tom Hanks recently found out that he's related to the man he is portraying in an upcoming movie.

Hanks and Fred Rogers are sixth cousins according to, CNN reports.

"It all just comes together, you see," Hanks told Access Hollywood when the show informed him of the relation on Sunday, Nov. 17.

According to CNN, Ancestry figured out the two are sixth cousins, and their common ancestor was Johannes Meffert.

Their subsequent ancestors had the last name of Mefford.

"Fred Rogers and Tom Hanks are sixth cousins sharing the same 5x great-grandfather ... who immigrated from Germany to America in the 18th century," Ancestry spokeswoman Keri Madonna told CNN on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Hanks is set to play Mr. Rogers in the upcoming film, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood."

The actor said he didn't even know they were related when he took the role.

The film premieres on Friday, Nov. 22.