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Safe Toys & Gifts: 11 Gift Ideas That Will Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Roadside reflectors or flares are gifts that will keep recipients – and their vehicles – safe when trouble strikes.

Many people give loved ones candy, toys and other trinkets for the holidays, but gift exchanges also present an opportunity for bestowing more useful things. Here are a few ideas for presents that will bring security and peace of mind to those you care about.

Emergency Car Kit

While nobody wants to tote around a backpack full of “survivalist items,” the below things will help out your loved ones if they ever get stuck.

1.A kit with flares, road side reflectors and work gloves will make changing a flat much safer.

2.A jump box or “battery booster” is a real life-saver too. Traditional jumper cables don’t do much good if there isn’t another car to jump from, so the dependability of a jump starter is a great gift.

3.Multi-tools are good stocking stuffers, and everyone should keep one in their car with the rest of their safety kit for minor repairs.

4.It sounds weird, but an old cell phone for the glove box is a good gift. It will call 911, even if it isn’t on a plan, which is crucial in emergencies when there’s no other phone available.

Safety First

Little things you can put in stockings make gifts that will provide much-needed help in times to come.

5.Consider gifting a power bank to power a phone roadside or during a power outage.

6.Hand crank flashlights and lanterns are also helpful during power outages and outdoor nighttime emergencies. If you can’t find a crank-powered light, also gift some extra batteries.

7.A whistle and pepper spray are good to have for those walking alone at night.

First Aid Kits

You can never have too many first aid kits – a medicine cabinet, a desk drawer at work and a car trunk are all choice locations. You can buy one ready-made, but you can also put one together especially for your gift recipient. If going the second route:

8.Include basics like bandages, antibiotic ointment, wet wipes, gauze, and Tylenol.

9.Add items that address a range of ailments – small scratches to larger cuts, a bumped arm to a bonked head.

10.Consider including items geared toward potential users – does the gift recipient have little ones who require different medicines? Is it for an elderly person who might have unique needs?

11.Speaking of the elderly, another very practical gift is a subscription to a security or medical alert service. Both can make a huge difference in pressing situations.

By giving gifts like those listed above, you can keep your loved ones safe and prepared this year. These gifts might not be the flashiest, but the recipients will be immensely grateful when the time comes to put them to use.

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