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4 Fun New Exercise Trends to Try Out This Year

Here are a few new exercise trends that will challenge your body and keep your brain engaged.

The same old exercise routine can get boring, especially if you exercise as much as you should! Here are a few new exercise trends to try out this year to challenge your body and keep your brain engaged.

1.Anything with a barre

A barre is a stationary rail typically used in ballet to provide support during training and warm-ups. These days, fitness mavens have latched onto the barre to create a variety of exercise programs.

Various studios have combined barre-based exercises with intervals of cardio and strength-training, free weights, Pilates, boxing, heated rooms and other elements.

Known for increasing muscle tone, flexibility, core strength and balance, barre workouts are generally low-impact and definitely defy the status quo.

2.POUND the pounds away

POUND workouts use lightly-weighted drumsticks and a combination of cardio, conditioning and strength-training with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements.

Routines are built around high-energy songs to provide a fun workout that feels like a jam session with friends – a very intense jam session with friends.

3.SUP Yoga

No, it’s not a slangy salutation – SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboard, a big board upon which the user stands and paddles. The paddling motion gives arms a workout and the effort of balancing the board is good for the core and the legs.

While stand up paddle boards have been around for awhile, SUP Yoga represents a new take that adds excitement, variety and a fun challenge to your typical yoga routine.

Yoga postures are performed on a specially-designed stand up paddle board in a pool or other body of water. The relative instability challenges core muscles, intensifying the workout.

4.Ninja warrior workouts

If you’ve never seen the “Ninja Warrior” shows, you’re missing out. People compete to complete obstacles courses in the shortest amount of time, using their strength, flexibility, agility, sense of balance and stamina to win.

Even if you’re not up to competitive standards, you can still get a great workout in by training at a ninja-warrior style gym. Bounce off the walls in areas designing for free running and Parkour, run up steep ramps, try out monkey bars in various styles, swing from ropes and rings, spider-walk your way up a wall or try your hand at other fun obstacles.

There are so many ways to move – if your workout is monotonous, you have no one to blame but yourself. Look online to find specialized gyms and studios in your area and try out these innovative exercises to keep things interesting during Shape Up U.S. Month and into the new year.

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